• If Biden is elected, there will be changes in regulations so institutions need to remain flexible.
  • Honor the campus heroes who helped institutions transition to a digital format. What started as a sprint around spring break has turned into a marathon.
  • Increased substantive interactions also need to be part of competency-based education. This should include regular predictable interactions and the ability for the faculty member to assist the student when the student needs it as opposed to a fixed schedule.
  • Some of the NegReg implementation was thrown into turmoil by the COVID pandemic, leading to a lot of forgiveness among federal officials, accreditors and most states in terms of these rules.
  • Not every rule has waivers. As more courses are digitized and offered online in some format, institutions need to know which rules are in place and which are not.
  • Assessments are deepening and broadening beyond a single exam. This conversation needs to continue since the implementation does have NegReg implications.
  • WCET has developed a policy playbook to help institutions convert courses to online or other modalities and identify which regulations need to be addressed.
  • The presidential election may have ramifications for higher education and the NegReg implementation.



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Drumm McNaughton

Drumm McNaughton


Higher education innovator, strategic management pioneer, accreditation / turnaround expert, and governance professional.